Everyone in the industry knows that hospitals are only as good as their staff.  The reputation of a great hospital is built on the knowledge, care, and reliability of the physicians and support teams.

So when your hospital is in need of temporary staffing, it is essential to bring in only the most qualified and dedicated people for the job. Moden Medical Group is a unique locum tenens agency because we go the distance to secure the best and brightest.

The world is changing, the field of medicine is changing. And Moden Medical Group is on the forefront of a new wave in medical staffing. Our approach is based on technology and education. Our physicians are forward-thinking, community-oriented and highly adaptable, making them the perfect solution to fill the gaps when you need them.

When it comes to a great physician, knowledge and experience are not enough anymore. Patients are more savvy than ever, and their social networks make it easy to share the details of their life experiences. People expect to be treated with care and compassion at the most delicate times in their lives. When this expectation is exceeded, they will sing praises and pass along referrals to everyone they can. When the expectation is not met, they will openly share their dissatisfaction as well.

HospitalPeople have choices, and in times of need they make their decisions based on emotion.

The best hospitals understand this, and we’re willing to bet that you are one of them. When it comes time to bring temporary personnel on board you know that only the best will do. This is why the locum tenens of Moden Medical Group are trained to go above and beyond in patient care and bedside manner.

Our physicians go the extra mile and so do we. Our goal is not to assign medical professionals, it is to help keep your hospital functioning at its highest level. We work closely with you from the very beginning; asking the right questions and monitoring the experience you have with us each and every time. We assign our locum tenens based on personality fit as well as tenure so that you can be sure the right physician will be there when you need them.

Don’t wait until you need staff to begin your search for the right fit. Contact Us today for a refreshing conversation about your hospital’s needs. We look forward to serving you.


What do our Locum Tenens fill in for?
  • Extended absences and leaves
  • Vacation time
  • Sudden staffing shortages
  • Any on-call needs