Moden Medical Group is a unique medical practice group  for Hospitals.

Though the medical practice has been around for a few decades, we set out to do things a little differently (i.e., better).


Technology and the Internet in general have begun to change the medical industry.  Many in the industry do not embrace these changes.  We not only see the need for impending change, we want to lead the way.

The internet becomes a classroom for continual education, social media allows us to connect with brilliant minds around the globe and build communities for us to serve.  Technology combined with these advances creates job opportunities for the best and brightest medical practitioners and helps fill the gaps for hospitals in need.

Founded in 2012, Dr. Joseph Yoon had a vision for a staffing company that was not doing business as usual.  He wanted to provide hospitals with practitioners that excel at their job, of course, but also take pride in being part of a shifting paradigm.  Instead of being a resident of one hospital, these physicians would travel to provide their expertise wherever and whenever it was needed.  With a remote office and online community, they would have the support and resources they needed at all times.

Joseph also saw an opportunity to embrace the internet in a way that much of the medical community still has not.  With a bit of a reputation for being impersonal, hospitals that focus on great care plus friendly branding will set themselves apart.  Moden Medical Group sets a precedence for the medical community to follow suit.

Currently, Moden Medical Group serves hospitals in Minnesota and California.  With a strong effort, we will be expanding our clientele across the United States.

If you are a hospital who prides itself on excellent staff, learn more about our Hospital staffing program.

If you are a Physician who desires a fulfilling career in a changing world, learn more about becoming a Physician with Moden Medical Group.